DHA Plot Listing

Defence that is call DHA means Defence Housing Authority Lahore. DHA now a well establish and


DHA Lahore Affidavit File Price
Fill Name Size Buy Price Purchasing price Dealer Name Office Name Phone No
Phase 10 1-Kanal 42-Lac 41.50 Lac  R.kamran  Razi Property  03018422214
DHA Phase 9 5-Marla 28.50-Lac 28-Lac
DHA Phase 9 Prism 5 Marla 27.50 Lac
DHA Phase 9 Lahore Kanal 72-Lac
DHA Phase 7 Lahore 5-Marla 34-Lac 33.50Lac
DHA Phase 7 Lahore 10-Marla 55-Lac
DHA Phase 7 Lahore Kanal
DHA Phase 6 Lahore 5 marla
DHA Rehbar Lahore 5 Marla 29.50 Lac
DHA 9-Town 5 Marla 39-Lac

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DHA Project
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List of DHA File
Defence that is call DHA means Defence Housing Authority. DHA is actually governed directly by the Lahore Cantonment Board. The neighbourhood is divided into several subdivisions That are called “phases”. It was originally established for military personnel in 1975 by the Armed Forces of Pakistan Welfare Department. Today Defence serves as one of Lahore’s most affluent Famous Housing Society.Click Here to Read full DHA Transfer Proceduer
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here is Full List of Register Property Dealer work with DHA
Download Full List of Register Architec work with DHA
here is Full List of Register Contractor work with DHA
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